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May. 13th, 2006 | 09:56 am
posted by: giustizia4eva in amerks_hockey

Hello. I am new to this community. My name is Chrystal, and I'm a huge Amerks fan. My first Amerks game was this past season on November 23, 2005 against the Binghamton Senators, and ever since that game, I have been a HOOKED fan.

My favorite player is Mark Mancari (26). I have met almost the whole team, but it's hard to meet the whole team when I only went to about 8 games the whole season. My intension for next season is to get a picture and autograph from every player. If you would like to see pictures of the Amerks that I have gotten pictures with, let me know and I can post them :-).

Uhm, just to let you know, if any of you are myspace users, their are currently 3-4 players who have myspace accounts, but all are fake. I talked to each one about them.

<3 always

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(no subject)

from: rawdon27
date: May. 14th, 2006 03:58 pm (UTC)

Thanks for the MySpace warning and welcome to the party!

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(no subject)

from: giustizia4eva
date: May. 14th, 2006 04:11 pm (UTC)

Thanks. Glad to be part of the community :)

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(no subject)

from: flyersfan1975
date: May. 15th, 2006 02:21 am (UTC)

welcome...have season tixs myself

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